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"The puffy cloud landed softly in the most beautiful place I'd ever seen."

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About the Book

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Pinksta and Princess Polka Dot are best friends.  They have just returned from the Land of Pink Power.  Princess Polka Dot is learning to live in the "real world" with Pinksta and her family.  By reading Pinksta's diary, you will learn how Princess Polka Dot came to live in the "real world" with Pinksta's family.

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Honored in:  Who's Who Among Successful African Americas by the North American Registry

Find these sentences with alliterations on Page 12:

  • "I'm Pinksta Parker-perplexed-at-the-possibility-of-finding-three-pretty
    princesses-positioned-near-a-pink-pool sipping pink-pomegranate-

Page 14:

  • "... Princess Polka Dot had spoken against living a life of a prissy pink petunia petal plucking princess at Pink Petunia Petals Palace..."

Page 13:


Page 19:

  • "For the love of pink petunia petals, Pinksta! Please say it plain!"

Have Fun Reading over 100 words that begin with "P"-- This book features many new vocabulary words!

What others are saying about Sy Alexander!

From "The Tale of The Old Maypop Tree: A Southern Folktale"

" ... Sy Alexander is a bright and welcoming beacon on the literary horizon.  It is going to be exciting to watch her as her work grows and takes its place on the rich landscape of southern literary voices."  - Catherine Smith Jones, Literary Coordinator:  National Black Arts Festival 1993 - 1996.

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