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Meet the Author:  Sy Alexander
Speaking Engagements, Book Signings and Tours
Meet the Illustrator:  Aviance Young

Meet the Author:  Sy Alexander

Sy Alexander

Sy Alexander has a B.S. Degree in Education from Ohio State University.  Her tongue twisting tale's purpose is pure fun.  Older girls will pick up on the powerful message of the pursuit of purpose and empowerment.

"I hope girls will have a "pink power party" giggling and laughing all the way to the end of this silly tale trying to pronounce all the P's.

Readers will learn lots of new words as well."  Ms. Alexander's first book, "The Tale of the Old Maypop Tree, A Southern Folktale" was published in 1996.  She also had an author's interview in Booking Matters Magazine in March 2006.  Ms. Alexander lives in Atlanta.  She has a daughter named Charlemagne.

Speaking Engagements, Book Signings and Tours

Sy Alexander is currently taking requests for speaking engagements and book signings.

Meet the Illustrator:  Aviance Young

Aviance Young began attending Atlanta College of Art in 2005.  She has won several art awards including two Bronze medals in NAACP ACT-50 competition in 2003 & 2004.  She is a graduate of the Honors Art Magnet Program at Albert Einstein High School in Maryland.  Aviance has attended art classes since she was 5 years old.

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