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Vocabulary Words

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pace - a rate of movement; way of stepping

pager - a small electronic device that alerts people with a beeping sound

panic(-ked) - to be in fear

parade - a great show or display

paradise - place of great beauty

pardon - to excuse

Parliament - the highest lawmaking body of any public unit

passage - a passing from one place to another

passionate - having or showing strong feelings

pathetic(-ally) - to bring out feelings of pity

patiently - steadily willing to put up with pain and trouble

patooty - total nonsense

Peace Potion - a tonic designed to bring about peace

peculiar - out of the ordinary; strange

peel(-ed, -ing) - accelerated sharply or suddenly

peering - looking closely to see clearly

peeved - annoyed irritated

pelt - hit with; thrown one after another

permission - giving consent; to allow

permit - to allow to do something

persist(-ed) - not giving up, especially when facing difficulty

perplexed - puzzled; confused; made difficult to understand

persuade - convince

perturbed - made uneasy or troubled

pesky - (informal) troublesome annoying

petition - a formal request to someone in charge for priviledge

pierced - forced a way through or into

pepper pellets - used in pokers to blind the enemy

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