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"... prudishly plucking pink petunia petals sipping pink pomegranate punch..."

Vocabulary Words

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petty - having little importance or value

petunia - pink, red or white garden plant with funnel shaped flowers

Pink Passion Possť - Pinksta, Princess Pinstriped Polka Dot & P'Lissa

pilot(-ing) - person who operates the controls of an aircraft in flight

pipsqueak - person who is small and unimportant

pinstriped - having pinstripes; marked with fine stripes

pimple - a small inflamed swelling of the skin with or without pus in it

pixie - fairy or elf

pink pickles - a sweet & sour snack that is plentiful in the Land of Pink Power

Pink Pride Leopardess - the woman of wisdom, power, grace & royalty who rules over the Land of Pink Power

Pink Petunia Petals Palace - place where Princess Pinstriped Polka Dotted Pinstriped Pants lives

pledge(-d) - solemn promise

plucking - pulling at; pulling off; tugging or jerking

plastered - covered with anything thickly

pleaded - begged; implored; asked earnestly

planter - a usually decorative box; stand or other holder

pleasant - giving satisfaction to the mind, feelings or senses

plummeted - plunged; dropped

plucking - pulling at; pulling off, tugging or jerking

plunge - rush; dash

plop - fall with a sound such as an object hitting water

pomegranate - a reddish-yellow fruit with a thick skin and many seeds

pomegranate punch - pleasant tasting drink made from pomegranate fruit

ponder(-ed) - considered carefully, thought over

popular - widespread among many people

prevalent - a popular belief

porridge - a soft food boiled in milk

potpourri - a fragrant mixture of dried flower petals and spices

pouted - showing displeasure

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