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Vocabulary Words

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power - a person, thing, body who has control; ability; influence

powerful - having great power, force, mighty; strong

poppies - family of showy, delicate flowers of various colors

polite(-ly) - showing good manners at all times

Popeyed Pepper-Punkers - evil ones who poke eyes with pepper pellets steal treasures, pull off and eat peoples toes

potential - possible as opposed to actual

precious - worth much

precise(-ly) - definitely; correct

prefer - like better, choose rather

preoccupied - absorbed; engrossed

prepar(-ed) - make ready

prickles - small, sharp points; thorns

prism - a solid figure whose bases have the same size and shape and are parallel to one another

prissy - too precise and fussy

proceed - move forward

procession - persons riding or marching

proclaim(-ed) - make known publicly and officially

promote - help to develop or establish; cause to advance further

pronounce(-d) - declare (a person or thing) to be

propel - dive or push forward

protest - expressing objection against some condition province-one of the main divisions of a country

prowess - bravery; daring

prudent(-ly) - characterized by good judgement

prudish(-ly) - excessively proper or modest

purchas(-ing) - get by paying a price

pus - a thick, yellowish white juice formed in sores and other infected body tissue

putrid - thoroughly corrupt or extremely bad

puzzle(-d) - a hard problem

Pythagorean Theorem - c2 = a2 + b2 a rule used in math that can be proved to be true

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