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"... prudishly plucking pink petunia petals sipping pink pomegranate punch..."

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"This book is a great resource for elementary level teachers and students to use in the classroom for various learning activities.  ... children will learn new vocabulary words and definitions while journeying to the Land of Pink Power ... the book promotes girls empowerment ... " - Tracye Kornegay, Elementary School Teacher

Welcome Teachers!

The above quote is just an example of the fun way your students will enjoy playing the Tongue Twister Reading Game!  Allow each student to read one page out loud.  If their tongue becomes twisted, they are out.  The next student must start where the last student left off.

Definition Game

Play this game before reading the story.  Divide classroom into two groups, boys against girls.  This game may possibly permit girls to show their pink power by defining all the "P" words before the boys.  It will help them learn new words before they start reading the story.  Set a timer; the group with the most definitions in 30 minutes win.

Grades K - 5th

Put a sentence / paragraph on the board each day.  Children will have fun helping their teachers / parents properly pronounce the tongue twisters.  Make a copy of the paragraph for children to take home to repeat for their parents.  Always sneak in some words from the vocabulary list.  Start with a challenging page of tongue twisters -- the fun will begin.

Grades 2 - 5:  Alphabetizing Game

Divide the classroom into groups.  Put all "P" words in alphabetical order.  Bonus points:  alphabetize any word with the letter "P" on a separate list.  Allow 15 - 30 minutes.  The group with the most words beginning with the letter "P" in the correct order wins.  One point for every bonus word in alphabetical order.  This story has more "P's" than any story ever written.  It has more "P" words than Peter Piper Peacock or any other ...

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